History & Philosophy

The law firm Dr. Frühbeck Abogados was founded by Dr. Guillermo Frühbeck in Madrid in 1952

Currently it is managed by Dr. Guillermo Frühbeck Olmedo. Since our law firm's foundation we have specialized in attending and advising companies as well as individuals in Spain and abroad intensely. Our ambition to guarantee our clients excellent attending and advising as an international law firm demands a highly qualified team of international skilled lawyers and tax accountants. We attend our clients in their native language and have also specialized in the jurisdiction and the system of taxation of their home countries. This enables us to develop tailor-made problem solvings for every requirement.

Furthermore our membership in several networks allows us to access additional highly qualified lawyers fast and directly. This enables us to offer our clients the demanded advice throughout the world, because we are able to make contact with local experts.

Our ambition to be able to adivse and attend locally led made us to found several branches on the Spanish onshore and on the islands. Since 1998 we dispose an office in Havana, Cuba which supports and advises several investment plans in collaboration with the Spanish branches.

Dr. Frühbeck Abogados has differed from others since its foundation. We were pioneers in consultancy and were conducive to the internationalisation of the markets. The term “international”, which is a problem or a challenge for some, is the central matter of our daily work for more than 50 years.

It is the essential part of our business philosophy. We take proud in our successes and continue with not only preserving, but improving the quality of our advice and of the range of services we offer not only for all companies entrusting us with their confidence.

Dr. Frühbeck Abogados is an independent member of several international associations for lawyers and tax accountants like ADAM GLOBAL, ARS LEGIS, CONSULEGIS, DACH, EUCONNEX, EUROLEGAL, GENEVA GROUP INTERNATIONAL, INTERGEST and PRIMERUS. For many of our international clients we are the leading law firm in Spain and dispose an excellent network of international counsels for the requirements of our Spanish clients all over the world. We have the right contact at the highest level everywhere and for every requirement.
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  • Ars Legis
  • consulegis
  • Dach
  • Euconnex
  • eurolegal
  • Geneva Group International
  • Intergest
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