Our office works closely with the Tax Consultancy-, Auditing- and Bookkeeping-Company Ficesa Treuhand S.A., whose services are used by many of our clients.


  • Official Auditing of Legal Annual Accounts Statements for the Commercial Register
  • Special Auditing for Acquisition of Companies (due diligence)
  • Formulation of Annual Accounts of Business
  • Analyses of Financial Statements and Liquidity Analysis
  • Tax Advice Service for Individuals and Companies
  • Preparation of Tax Returns for resident and non-resident persons or Companies
  • Advice on International Double Taxation Agreements
  • Advice on Investments and Subsidies
  • Administration and Secretarial advice of Companies and Fiduciary Services
  • Bookkeeping Guidance of Companies and Businesses
  • Calculation of Salaries and Pay-roll
  • Calculation of National Insurance Contributions